Why Use Online Video Production?

Make a Greater Impact on Your Customers Through Video

Amped Agency provides the means to get any video format on your website. We optimize videos for streaming capabilities and quicker download times. Social share features that could help content go viral may be implemented so viewers can share videos and create more attention for the brand and client website. Online videos have become a worthwhile investment lately as production costs have decreased drastically.

Social Media Videos:

One of the leading ways to promote your idea, company, and brand is to utilize video in your social media. We can plan, implement, and evaluate your marketing campaign, and provide the best solution to increase brand exposure with retaining a fan base.

Product and Service Videos

The days of just explaining something through text are long over. Video production has dominated the digital marketing landscape, and provide consumer insight to product and services in the most appealing way. Video production helps communicate your message, and Amped Agency has experience in crafting the perfect video to enhance the presence you have in the market.

Corporate Video Production

We’ve worked with large corporations and small companies to create videos that assist in training on-boarding employees; testimonial videos help enhance consumer trust, and training infrastructures that assist the growth of the company.

Interactive Videos & Rich Media Banners

Our interactive videos, banners, and buttons greatly increase user interactivity and click-through rate.