Social Media Management & Advertisement

Marketing is evolving with the growth of technology, and requires a team that truly understands how to build a brand. We amplify your position in social media by engaging a conversation between real people and the brands that we work with. We analyze what customers are seeking in the market, target influencers in your niche, and create a course of action of the best way to share content, what content people are talking about, and design a campaign that we will implement to build your presence.

Social Media provides the ability to promote your message and brand to a target demographic. Let us help you share content on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, and other rich content driven websites. We utilize the latest social media tools to easily assess the target demographic, and create content that matters.

We engage customers in conversations that matter to them. We learn about your business, idea, or project. We will analyze the market, your social presence, and the competition to understand how you can be a leader in the conversation to build your overall presence on social media. Amped Agency creates a profile strategy that will lay out a creative comprehensive Social Media Marketing strategy that lays out actionable tasks for measurable results.

Stay up-to-date with rich content driven to improve social media results. We provide customer service directly from Social Media with any issues that may arise. Amped Agency uses the latest technology to monitor what people are saying about your brand.

Common Social Media Mistakes

Quick & Cheap Solutions to Social Media

If something is inexpensive, it may not be a true solution to your problem. Entrepreneurs often want a quick solution to having millions of followers on social media. They want their brand to be globally recognized, word of mouth to spread like rapid fire, and they want it today. The reality is that digital marketing takes time. There’s companies out there that claim that they can boost your social media, or online presence quickly, but lack a true solution to actually creating results. Amped Agency will provide the best value by evaluating people that you want to target. We will share and connect valuable content with them to increase your overall web presence on social media.

Anyone That has an Internet Browser can Launch a Social Media Campaign

Building a successful Social Media Campaign is about connecting, and driving results for your business. Understanding technology will absolutely assist you in understanding social media, but having a strategy requires experience, and understanding of what value people are looking for. Amped Agency uses the latest Social Media tools to fully optimize social media to build, and enhance the value you offer, and the presence you have online.

Ignoring Social Media

Taking time to listen to people about your brand and the competition is important. It’s important in evaluating your current position, and crafting a perfect action plan to improve your brand value. Social Media and Blogging are among the leading platforms with over 2.1 billion people on social media accounts, 1.4 billion Facebook users, and over 284 million active users. Hiring a professional in social media allows you to reach your target demographic directly to people that make actionable decisions to spend money everyday.