Things to Stop Doing if You Want to Be Successful in 2017

Changes needed to set you up to be successful in the new year.

“New Year, New Me.” We’ve heard this saying, and the concept that the new year motivated us is great, but there’s specific habits that you must do, and ones that you must not do to have a successful year.  The new year brings fresh opportunity and a new start to your life.

  1. Fixing the Past

We all have moments that we question or regret what we did. The secret to having a successful year is not focusing on the past, but instead concentrate on what really matters, investing in shaping the outcome of the future.

  1. Procrastinating on your goals

Have you been thinking about getting healthier, switching jobs, or traveling? Today is the day. Not tomorrow. Focus on putting your goals into action. If you want it bad enough, you can have it.  It’s important to constantly set reachable goals, and meeting them.

  1. Doing everything yourself

People that ask others for help are much more effective and achieve things at a higher rate.  Working with professionals, or asking for help from peers will allow you to reach your goals quickly, as opposed to stressing about doing everything yourself.

  1. Thinking small

Everything you do impacts the world we live in. It may be a conversation you have with friends, or a company you started.  Focus on empowering those around you, and educate yourself everyday.

  1. Maintain bad relationships

One of the worst ways you can have a bad year is by continuing to have relationships that are toxic.  Cut out those that are taking up energy from you, and aren’t contributing to your success, and growth.

  1. Skipping lunches

Your body needs nourishment to stay focused and positive. Taking a 30- min break will allow you to eat lunch, and have a proper meal for a break.

  1. Not building your online presence

Do you have a Facebook, or Linked in page? How many times a year do you update it? Building a brand and reputation doesn’t happen overnight, but over a year of time. Being consistent with your online assets allows you to enhance your reputation and exposure.

  1. Thinking in negative terms

There are certain phrases, such as “I can’t do…” or “I don’t know how to…”. We tend to think this is an excuse, but the reality is that we can do more than we think we can sometimes.  Be willing to learn and utilize your strengths to enhance the skills you have.

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