Laws of Social Media

Social Media Marketing is a powerful way to leverage content and elevate your audience.  It’s essential that you follow steps in doing this, and can be difficult to do if you lack experience or the knowledge of what drives people on social media.

It’s vital that you truly understand social media marketing, or work with someone that can maximize quality to increase efficiency with communication and engagement.  Following the Laws of Social Media Marketing will allow you to serve the current customers you have, build on a brand, and increase the overall bottom line.

1.The Law of Focus

A highly focused social media and content marketing strategy will allow you to narrow your target audience with people that are interested in your message.  The more you specialize and not focus on being a jack-of-all-trades, the higher your success rate, as a broad strategy rarely works to reach the right audience.

2.The Law of Listening

Being successful on social media and content marketing relies on your ability to listen, and not talk.  Read your target audience’s online content, and really learn what’s important to them. What are they looking to see, and what engages them? Only then will you be able to create a strategical content strategy that will add value in the life of your target audience.

3.The Law of Compounding Quality

A focus should be on quality. Quality trumps quantity when it comes to social media. It’s better to have 1,500 online connections that are engaged, through reading, sharing, and talking about the content you’ve created, instead of 15,000 connections that aren’t engaged in the conversation.

4.The Law of Patience

Social Media is powerful, but it takes time to build a fan base. It’s not something that happens overnight. Staying committed to the long haul will allow you to achieve results.

5.The Law of Acknowledgment

Pay attention to the people that may reach out to you. Building relationships is one of the most important part of social media management, and content creation.  The relationships you build allow you to get content pushed to more people because their apt to share your content in the world.The law of Accessibility

One of the mistakes a lot of people make is that they’ll publish content, and disappear.  You have to be available for your audience. You need to be consistently publishing content and participating in conversations over social media. This drives the content that you have, and engages your target audience. If you disappear for weeks or months, don’t be surprised if the user replaces you with going to another social media page.

6. The Law of Reciprocity

Some of the time you spend on social media should be driving other people’s content. The more you share and talk about content published by others, the more you engage users that may not be connected with you at the time.

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