How to earn money while you sleep

There are countless ways to earn money. As we speak, loans that you may have out, or interest is accumulating every day.  We live in a world where automation is key, and hard work can dictate success with the right habits.

With this in mind, here are a few ways of earning money while you sleep.

Start a blog

One of the ways to earn passive income is by launching a blog that features amazing content that people are interested in sharing or reading. It only takes a few minutes to set one up and is inexpensive to start-it’s usually free.

You need to make content that people care about. For example, if you’re an accountant that has helped small businesses or people with their taxes, then utilize the information you know about taxes in your blog.

Monetization is all about going after something that adds value in the lives of the reader. Choose something that’s popular, and that people can relate with.  If you’re writing about stones that you saw at the park, you may want to reconsider the audience you’ll have.  You want to empower and inspire quality content that brings people back.


If you’re gaining traffic to your website, the next step may be to monetize advertisements.  You can charge per ad, or utilize google AdSense.  As your website grows, the value of the website grows with it.  Websites that we work with charge triple digits for advertisement placement. They do this by staying consistent with creating quality content that matters.


Focus on building relationships with companies that you can help grow by offering them promotional value.  Consider utilizing Youtube to connect brands and fans of yours together.  With video content growing every day, it’s important to enhance the relationship you may have with the sponsor to see how you can improve their overall ROI, and online presence.

Rent out property

Do you have an extra room, or a place that people can stay at?  Airbnb provides a portal for people needing a place to stay, and people that have free space available.  You can rent out your parking space, garage, unused office space, vacation home, or apartment.  We know people that use Airbnb, and they’ve made a lot of money using it.

 Earn royalties

If you like writing, earning royalties could be something you can consider. Talented musician, actors, authors, and writers earn royalties for the work that they’ve created.  People pay you for utilizing the work you’ve created, which are considered assets to them.

Create a membership Community

Build a community up with followers. Once you do this, you’ll be able to create a membership community where people pay a monthly fee for premium content and exclusive rights to things that non-members aren’t given access.

Flip websites

If you’ve build a platform that has become popular, you can sell the website on a marketplace like Flippa. This is a good way to make money for yourself, and offer a platform you’ve built to someone else.

Peer-to-peer lending

Companies similar to Lendingclub, and Lendingtree have created a unique way to achieve loans.  Anyone can become a lender, and you’ll be matched with a consumer who may have issues getting a loan from somewhere else, or prefers to utilize a website like this.

Sell products

You can earn passive income when you sell products by listing them on eBay, Amazon, or other websites that allow you to sell your product(s). Drop shipping has allowed people to make money every day, and don’t require you to handle inventory.

We use Shopify for a few clients, and they seem to love it. They give you everything you’ll need to sell online, including a mailing list, buttons for social media, and the ability to purchase directly through their platform.


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