How to Use Content to Create Trust

Your website has seconds to stand out.  The initial interaction you have with a website determines if you’ll use the site again as a source of information.  Creating content that will put you ahead of all the other websites can be difficult, but rewarding.  With so many people publishing on the web, how can you stand out, and build trust?

If you’re an accounting firm looking to build traffic, what could you do differently.  One of the first things is build content around the idea of why you’re paying too much in taxes, how to manage your finances,

Do your research and be memorable

Utilize specific quotes regarding the topic, or data that will drive information, such as stats, case studies, or surveys that provide directly insight on the topic you’re writing about. Content that contains facts and information that people care about will push your website to be a source for information. This can build and enhance the trust you have online, and provide people with a place to get their information.

  1. Be unique

There are millions of bloggers out there, and a lot of them share the same topic.  The main differentiation is that the more popular websites feature a unique spin on the topic.  Some examples of this is Buzzfeed, and Mint, which share content related to entrepreneurship, but Buzzfeed is funny, and Mint features articles related to Personal finance for the average person.  Look at your topic, and think about how you can spin the concept in a different way.


  1. Entertain the user

The more unique and quality content you have, the higher the chance that the user will stick around the website to read more content.  How the content is crafted is by no mistake.  The content is designed to keep the user interested, and starts to become a source of entertainment, instead of just a source of information.


Design: The site should have a professional, engaging, and attractive design that catches the eye.  Depending on the topic or message you’re trying to promote, specific graphics should be layed out in correlation with the content presented.  Utilizing images is important in conveying a message outside of just written content.


Content: The website needs to focus on the user, and why would they read the article. What benefit and value do they get? It’s essential that you create strong content that matches your message, and that it’s layed out correctly.  This has a lot to do with positioning, and meeting the needs of the user.

If you don’t have great content and a great design, you’re limiting your website from being successful. It’s important to have these elements if you want to drive traffic overall.  This is what motivates people to click through a website, instead of just clicking to another website for information.

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